The integrity of Parliament: the financial grant of senior officials' salaries are illegal

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 10:28

 Baghdad / range
stressed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, that the executive has not implemented the decisions of the State Council on the government officials who are paid salaries in violation of law, considering invoking the existence of the Ministry of Finance to the Cabinet decision to allow it to continue to grant these salaries illegal.

This comes at a time confirmed that the issue of arming the army, which by the suspicions of many corruption exists currently in the Integrity Commission and will work to the arrest of two suspects, one of them former Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan.
and is the administrative and financial corruption of the main problems in the country has been unable to government for solutions effective to eliminate this phenomenon, according to observers, and reports of Transparency International that Iraq occupies rank high in the list of most corrupt countries in the world.
confirmed the Integrity Committee in the House, that many of the House of Representatives, whether in the executive or officials who hold positions by proxy or who are voting for them in the House of Representatives as some corps commanders and inspectors get paid contrary to law, and said committee member Amar Shibli in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "there opinion is binding on the State Advisory Council revoke these salaries, and we tried to question the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi in earlier, but he invoked the existence of the decision of the Council of Ministers ", stressing the Ministry of Finance to stop these salaries as the body responsible to us.
The MP for the mass of the white Zuhair Araji, complained in an earlier statement of the range) received some lawmakers who hold executive positions, pensions for those positions instead of their salaries in the House of Representatives, making them do not pay importance to a decision to withhold the parliament as part of the salaries of their members absent.
The meetings of the Parliament of the former Iraqi has been characterized over the past four years, the absence of large numbers of deputies repeatedly and unjustified, in Critical Circumstances were requiring their attendance, What has often disrupted the work of the Legislative Council, and to the failure to perform its oversight role over the executive authority, as a result of these absences for disabled among other important laws and migrated to the new parliament.
It should also be noted that the quorum of Parliament, was not completed only when it relates to items meeting the interests of the character of the deputies, as was the case when discussing the pension law of their own, and other benefits obtained by the House of Representatives, in what observers absence of the spirit of responsibility and commitment, which must be available in the Member of Parliament, as the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people.
As for the files reinforcing said Shibli said Commander of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki referred the files armament to the Ministry of the Integrity Commission, and there are 3 accused one of them was sentenced to death sentences and worked integrity tightened according to the law issued by the civil governor Paul Bremer, who authorized the Commission to intervene and challenge the referee's decisions concerning the crimes of corruption. "
The Integrity Commission Parliamentary have confirmed earlier that the partnership program reinforcing the American and Iraqi adopted since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the imposition of financial profits big arms deals than is the case in the countries of the world.
"We were among those involved, and former Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan, and another fugitive Work is under way Arjaahma through Interpol, adding that "al-Shaalan had included a general amnesty which was released several years ago did not recover the money, but we in the Committee appealed the decision and there is an arrest warrant against him issued by the Integrity Commission."
and revealed to the Integrity Committee of Deputies in July last for that of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives referred the Committee's request made ​​by the legislation of a law to cancel the contract of partnership in the processing which is called the (FMS) after making sure the size of the financial corruption of the long project for years to the Legal Committee to put it under the law to be voted by the House of Representatives .
in turn, said a member of the high Nassif that the "mini-committee of the Integrity Commission Parliamentary still an ongoing process of the investigation contracts for the Ministry of Defence and the program the FMS since 2003 until 2011."
explained Nassif that "an agreement concluded by the Commission on Security and Defence representative with the Ministry of Defence that the investigations will be taking place in total secrecy, "indicating that" the Integrity Committee will be presented the results of the investigation once it is finished. "
The information indicates that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense has contracted over the past years for the purchase of arms with an American argument is that holds the arms purchases and contracting with the manufacturer.
and classified the Integrity Committee of Deputies in the Earlier, the Ministry of Defence within four ministries are the most corrupt in the country's ministries, while the Commission had approached the concerned authorities in the Ministries of Defense and Interior to provide them with detailed reports about U.S. arms contracts signed until 2008.