Parliament: cancel payment on credit loans at the appeal budget.

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 8:24

 Baghdad / follow-up term
was likely a member of the Economic Committee in Parliament MP Qusay Fri cancellation of loans allocated to the projects payment on credit when you challenged the Prime Minister's public budget. Juma said (of the Agency news): It is not right prime minister to respond to the budget of public finances to the House of Representatives to amend and re- rated in the event of approval by the Presidency of the Republic, but has the right to express opinion and give suggestions to be considered and voted on by the House of Representatives.

He added that challenge the public budget may have come to object to the paragraph allocation of financial loans, amounting to (18) billion dollars to projects, payment on credit of the state ministries, and we agree to cancel this paragraph, the fact that there is money round in the last year of $ (20) billion dollars for the ministries. It is noteworthy that the federal government rejected the financial budget for the current year for objecting to some of the paragraphs, and proposed amended and return to the House of Representatives for a vote.