To complete the work to improve the electricity distribution network in Diyala, Wasit

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Completed the engineering and technical staff in Diyala Electricity Distribution Directorate of the General Directorate for the distribution center works to improve the electric grid electricity in the province.
The ministry said in a statement that "the work involved the replacement of Maholten capacity of 400 kV, instead of the 250 capacity, to lift the bottlenecks in the boycotted Buhriz, along with rehabilitation Maholten another two 400 kV capacity, as well as the replacement of cables pressure the low with cutters session and set up three detonators, in addition to 3 different maintenance and repair transformers capacities Kablo transferred to the city of Baquba, nutrient status, and repair low for intermittent wire feeder pressure on the secretary-2. The statement added, "The engineering and technical staffs in Wasit Electricity Distribution Directorate of the General Directorate itself, maintenance of the distribution network lines in the areas of Kut and Essaouira and Jassan and omens and maintenance completed Maholten in addition to the maintenance of four standards and cutters fully and answer 25 complaint cycle. He continued, "has also been set up and maintenance of lines 6 different adapters capacities and rehabilitation of the number of linear lighting as well as the completion of 52 campaign to raise the debt collection abuses and in Kut, Nu`maniyah, Muwafaqiya and Zubaydiah"