High inflation index for December last first

01/14/2016 12:27

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Ministry of Planning, on Thursday, rising inflation index for the month of November last to 0.3% and the annual rate of 2.3%, indicating that the statistics did not include the three Iraqi provinces because of the security situation witnessed in these provinces.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi told I followed "obelisk", that "the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning and completed the inflation report for the month of December 2015 on the basis of field data collection on the prices of goods and services components of the consumer basket of selected sample of outlets in all governorates of Iraq, "noting that" these rates are calculated goods and services of food, rent, transportation, communications, health, education and other, which include the consumer is keeping ".

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Hindawi said that "the monthly inflation for the month of December index rose slightly by 0.3% due to the rise and Asagrar some sections.

He Hindawi that "the annual inflation index during the month of December compared to the same month of 2014 also rose by 2.3%," he said. "This comes as a result of rising food section rates by 3.7%, in addition to the rise in the Department of Housing and 2.6%."

Hindawi said that "the survey, which was conducted during the month of December did not include the three Iraqi provinces because of the security situation witnessed in these provinces," explaining that "the provinces not covered by the survey included the price of Nineveh, Salahaddin, Anbar."

He announced the machine Center for Statistics and Information Technology through January 2012, it will begin using automation in the collection of the different prices and times of a specific time rather than paper form in place earlier, emphasizing that it will contribute to the speed of price collection, accuracy, and correct calculation in case of errors.