Calls to activate the private sector to achieve economic development

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 8:19

 Baghdad / follow-up the long
head of the International Federation of businessmen Iraq Hamid punitive that the process of economic development needs to involve the private sector with a year to build and rebuild the country. He punitive (for the Agency news): The Iraqi private sector has no role head w j and active role in the economic development process due to the activation and rehabilitation of its laboratories, calling for the need to be involved with the public sector for the development of the country's economy.

And punitive to the rehabilitation of the private sector comes through the distribution of soft loans to him and participation with the public sector being exposed to abnormal conditions such as war experienced by Iraq and terrorist operations continued, which led him to the deterioration of infrastructure and isolated from the local and international markets.
He explained that the federal government did not turn so far towards activating economic sectors of the private sector Kalzerai, industrial and other sectors vital because she is preoccupied with political issues, leaving economic issues task.
He stressed the lack of legislation and laws that serve the private sector and supported, so as to make him an active role in the development of the country's economy caused by lack of economic visions clear in Iraq.