Trade launches cargo vessel loaded with 40 tons of Canadian wheat and proceed to transfer its stores

Shafaq News /

The Ministry of Commerce on Thursday announced the launch cargo vessel loaded with 40 tons of Canadian wheat, which comes in the framework of contracts conducted by the ration card to provide this year's vocabulary.

He said assistant general manager of the grain trading company Riad Mehdi al-Moussawi said in a statement responded to Twilight News, the results of examinations of the Ministries of Commerce and Health shipload was matching the contractual specifications approved and unfit for human consumption dormitory and one except the contractor provided a request for examination in a third party.

He added that the General Company for Grain Trade and developed a marketing plan to ship unloaded and distributed to the provinces according to the actual need for each province.

He said al-Moussawi said the fleet of the ministry to transfer 2,500 tonnes during the past two days, and after the emergence of the test results directly.

He noted that the screening procedures conducted by the ministry and within the mechanics of the ministry as it allows the other party to go to a third party to check if the dispute appeared in the examinations and the Ministries of Health and Trade.