Hakim: We are committed to partner in the government of al-Abadi, Iraq, in front of a national project [expanded]

2016/1/13 18:04

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, the commitment in the partnership government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "pointing out that" Iraq in front of a national project beyond sectarianism and nationalism. "

Hakim said in his speech cultural the Forum weekly in his office in Baghdad today, "We believe that the time is passing and goodwill and sincere exist, but do not understand the reason behind this delay in taking decisions and great strides in the field of reforms and at different levels in spite of all the support that you get the government of reference and the people and the forces sincere political that the government supports the heart and mind.

He added," is still a lot of important files and sensitive and urgent to wait for a table, and still a lot of important sites managed by proxy, and still files of corruption that we hear them far from the follow-up and decisiveness correct and direct legal means, "saying" we believe that interoperability is part of the current political process attributes but do not compromise with corruption, not state with corruption and politics with corruption."

Hakim said," We assure the devotional We supporters and his strongly committed to our partnership in this government and are also committed to Pthalphena with the forces that formed this government, but we must see reforms wheel moving because time is a boat on the force and wasting more time would not be in favor of the government and its project to build a state of institutions. "

And edit the city of Ramadi operation of terrorist Daash gangs he pointed Hakim said, "I am still convinced that this year will be a decisive year for many of the issues fateful and the closure of some of the outstanding issues, it has the features of victory began to succeed the devil looming today dear city of Ramadi, liberated from the abomination of terrorists, but not despicable enemy and methods of booby-trapped houses and the use of civilians as human shields would have been the feet of our children from the armed forces and the forces supporting it had stepped onto the entire land of gray dear ".

He said the" important in our battle with the succession of Satan Aldaashah is that we are the only force in the world that fighting them face to face, and the coherence of the unit's position in spite of all the differences and the crises that we have, politically and economically, and that this battle provide us with firm evidence that we as a people that we can overcome the biggest adversity and difficulties.

If what unites us and our work in the spirit of one and the same vision, "and explained that" the Iraqi our military valiant has regained the initiative, God willing, and he will remain the headline to the nation and the protector of the people and fundamental institution in the state, and that all of our children in armed formations chock whom the crowd and folk Federal Police and volunteers and members of clans The Peshmerga, all of them stood in front of this terrorist attack infidels diabolical and gave blood cherished and defended the homeland, and it remains the army is a natural institution that contain all Iraqis and resides on full Iraqi soil."

In the Homeland Security axis Hakim stressed," we read the recent security gaps by terrorism as Attempts to prove the existence after the blows that finally received an attempt to divert attention from victories in the breakers fronts, and this requires the security chiefs to review their plans and redouble their responsibilities and put such a reaction terrorist in their accounts."

He called on al-Hakim to" continuous evaluation of the performance security leaders facing terrorism and put under the spotlight and evaluate their work and hold them accountable, and there are some important security devices that received no reform, accountability and evaluation, and it should not be our battle with terrorism cause delays in the calendar and the reform of the security and intelligence agencies."

He was wise for concern" of the campaign exemptions for a large number of officers in the internal and the nature of the criteria adopted in the evaluation of these officers and dispelling them, and raises further concern is the deteriorating security situation and community, and the emergence of gangs of murder, robbery, theft, kidnapping, and here, the competent security of the capital, authorities bear the full responsibility and the security of their leaders to provide answers convincing and satisfactory explain the reason for this deterioration in the security reality community, whether in Baghdad or in the provinces.

"The head of the Supreme Islamic Council," the government to evaluate the work of the security agencies of the importance of this file at this sensitive stage we are going through, especially since we are embarking on the difficult economic situation will push weak souls and criminal owners to persist in tampering with the security and property of citizens. "At the center of the development of the national economy, said that" the development and national inseparable !!

Because the economy and development can not be separated from national, "adding," We as a people we have to stick to Botunaitna and Aracatna more and more and be for this to stick to reality on the ground is the most important indicators of this reality is that we support the national product and buy the goods manufactured in Iraq, the national feeling must take hold when Iraqi investor to increase its investments in his country and focuses on the establishment of real projects, not only the profitability of purely commercial projects.

Added Hakim," We must begin small and medium industries and industries that do not need high-tech or large financial possibilities but will add high-value economic development, "noting "The national sentiment must take hold when the industrial to submit his product to people with high quality away from commercial fraud and rapid profit .. and patriotism must be anchored to the officer who has to encourage and accelerate national projects transactions not being delayed or Eptzha."

He stressed that "if we are without strengthening the national feeling can not create a national economy and the development of a national real patriotism is the basis and stick Baracatna is a breakthrough towards building a successful state and successful nation."

And the economic crisis Hakim Fdha" as the crisis pass on all countries that rely on oil in their budgets as a resource almost single income , a crisis is not expected to be completed one or two years, and we expect it may last from three to five years to come, but the crisis does not mean that we Snnhar as a state and society does not mean to give in to rumors tendentious. "

"There are countries in the world do not have oil lives high levels of economic power, it is true that we are economically relied only on oil, but life is balance itself, when less revenue becomes a search for alternative sources of natural thing and the least waste and stifling corruption, and grow small and medium industries and controlling spending at the state level and the citizen, but what is promoted It will stop salaries !! Or other rumors that have other targets, that does not happen, God willing."

He stressed," There are many solutions that the state can resort to it to sustain the continuation of the economic cycle and that Iraq has enormous potential and has a great opportunity, a vital economic station in the region and the world and there is a lot of the actions and steps taken by the Government to this crisis turned into a great opportunity."

He pointed out that" the Council of Ministers held yesterday a meeting in the province of Basra, an important meeting so that the federal government be close in their thinking and contact with the reality of the local government, "calling for" organized these meetings and it is periodically include all provinces. And Val that the decisions issued by the acceptable meeting but did not meet the ambition of the people of Basra and their needs, especially as it first economic conservatism in Iraq in terms of oil production and commercial ports."

He explained that" the beginning of economic development are we talking about for reasons of economic and developmental pure can not be launched only Basra, in addition to a draft strategic dam project desalination of water Basra, there is a lot of development projects that you need Basra, despite the financial crisis, but Basra has the federal government financial balance and if they do not currently available, many of the countries are ready to support the Basra projects financing on credit and the benefits of simple and far-reaching ".

He stressed the need" not to stop the wheel of development in Basra and also that these strategic decisions will not be a dead letter and neglect in drawers and kill bureaucracy and red tape, and that the draft strategic dam project desalination of water Basra have become now in the custody of the federal government and therefore expect to see results fast and outstanding performance and see the work of these projects on the ground in record time from now and we will follow up and monitor the milestones these two projects vital to Basra and all of Iraq.

"On the security and political situation in Iraq, said the President of the Supreme Islamic Council that" In the midst of all these great challenges faced by Iraq, we believe that great opportunities born from the womb of crisis, and we have the fact in front of a great opportunity to develop and produce an Iraqi national project sincere transient communities and nationalities and each Titles, and I have resolved controversy dialectical sterile, Sunni has realized that he can not live in Iraq is not shared by the Shiite and realized Shiite What is happening in his brothers Sunni areas will backfire him sooner or later, and realized the Kurdish and Turkmen and networking and Christian Alayazdi and Sabian that Iraq is the home who dreamed of living a respectable and dignity are protected."

He added," away from all the political one-upmanship we are looking at an opportunity to develop a national project Iraqi sincere, here it is said that we are in the stream martyr mihrab and block citizen we will be first supporters of this project without considering Alyyhsabat profit and loss, and without paying attention sectarian and ethnic names, and we hope that generates such a project at the hands of the faithful of parliamentarians who represent all shades of the Iraqi people and those who have sworn to protect the homeland and defend it, and we believe that this time is the perfect time to develop a national project and our hand is stretched out for all."

In the regional hub Hakim said," because we have been warning in more than one occasion and from this platform of the impasse in which it is going regional relations, and we had Let's to sit on the regional table and open the shared files and draws the boundaries of influence and areas of intersection and meet, and I've talked to the concept of the state and the concept of the historic neighborhood and the concept of geographical reality, and unfortunately did not listen to these calls !! ".

He added," Here we are getting to the bottom in relations between regional countries in the region and opened the floodgates for international intervention and we have become a popular and profitable market for the weapon so far killed hundreds of thousands of people in the region and burned and destroyed whole cities and the abandonment of millions inside and outside their home countries !! But what are the result ??? Certainly there are no winners and is defeated, but the destruction and the killing of hundreds of billions wasted, and grudges and hatred and terrorism and atone grows and expands in this poisonous environment ideal to him."

He pointed Hakim" We said it a year ago and let us to hold a regional conference and we repeated the call several months ago, but did not listen to us one because everyone he imagined that he could settle the battle in his favor, and because everyone would have imagined that this happens is a military battle resolved sized weapon available geographic area controlled."

He called on" countries in the region that the "mind control, and sit at the dialogue table and think and reach an understanding large as states estimated spaces common spaces and understands the intersection and re-distribution of power among them and are thinking of a comprehensive regional development, because countries in the region can not grow and is in a state of hostility and conflict, this is what history tells us and tells us the previous human experience ".anthy