Deputy: legal doubts Kurdistan's share in the budget

01/13/2016 12:28

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced the Legal Committee member of the parliamentary smile Hilali, Wednesday, that the Committee will discuss legal pass paragraph Kurdistan region's share in the budget of 2016, pointing to the existence of "doubts" about the vote in parliament, as he emphasized the existence of the possibility to re-vote on this paragraph or appeal out.

Hilali said that "the parliamentary legal committee will resume its flag in the next week with the resumption of the work of the House of Representatives," asserting that "the Commission legal pass ninth paragraph of the budget in 2016 related to the share of the Kurdistan region, which voted in by parliament during the vote on the budget session will be discussed."

Hilali said, "there are doubts about the vote on the article," indicating that "one of the possibilities in respect of which, is to re-vote on them within the Council or asylum group of deputies challenged at the Federal Court."

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday (16 December 2015), to maintain a share of the Kurdistan region amounting to 17% in the general budget for 2016, with deputies State of Law coalition walked out of parliament session to protest the lack reduce the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget.