Thread needs to speed and not to wait for the next month of July party: The Constitution allows changing the heads of the committees ...

1/13/2016 7:03
Follow-up / Iraq today
Noted legal expert, Tariq Harb said some parliamentary committees failures in its work parliamentary and legislative oversight, both, have abounded in recent times, as evidenced by the existence of claims to change the heads of parliamentary committees and this is evident by what was published by the media, especially on 01/11/2015,
The fact "that some of the failures that ascribes the media to some parliamentary committees are clear and explicit, and does not need to guide, already emphasizes the failure of these committees and not functioning properly, especially at the current stage in which the worsening of the security face, financial and face your corruption and face, and that's what we observe, for example, in some committees, such as the Committee of parliamentary integrity, and a special committee clans for disorders clan in the province of Basra, the Commission on Human Rights considers that human rights mean only freedom of expression, without the victims' rights to life and without their dependents rights and other committees that did not work falls short to be desired in this circumstance. "He added war" level that this is the case, through which Iraq is sufficient to demonstrate that many of the private displaced complaints, so the topic requires changing the heads of parliamentary committees and their deputies and the makers of these committees and committee members, and not to stand on the political blocs agreements at the start of parliamentary sessions in the month of July 2014, and is restricted agreements to change the heads of all the committees, "and stressed the legal expert said," and to be change after two years from the first session of the issue is needed to speed the overall change and not to wait to month next July, that is to while the two-year period is complete, especially since the Constitution in Article (60) and rules of procedure of materials (68-86), which identified the provisions on parliamentary committees whether a these committees temporary or committees permanent, as a committee to amend the constitution and the Committee of Article (140), and the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Oil and the Finance Committee and other committees, and therefore, the subject requires urgency for change in the first session convened Parliament in the year 2016, especially since the next parliament session on 01/19/2016 AD, had been delayed for constitutional date contained in the Rules of Procedure (19) days, it was necessary to be held and starting meetings on 1/1 / m 0.2016, the date of the first legislative term completion of the second session reconvened, and the completion of the parliamentary recess, and that was extended sessions because of the budget law so it is an invitation to reconsider the formation of these committees may be that It is changing the composition of these committees motivation and incentive to make more of our Parliament and its members