The deterioration of the economic situation in Mosul dire

1/13/2016 0:00

After the closure of factories and warehouses

Mosul Sunrise Maher
Eventually become Mother of Two Springs, which was home to about one million people live in the good economic situation and the openness to the outside world, are now suffering from scarcity of resources and lack of jobs and increasing the scope of sanctions and harsh public. Also, the communication between the residents of the city and with the outside world has become very difficult and holds many notification.

Collapse of morale and psychological fracture suffered by herds «Daash» terrorist, as a result of successive blows and victories achieved by our security forces, the elements that have become was confident that the end has become very close with the continuous shrinking of the space occupied territory, led to the asylum leaders of the Mughal Era to transform or Rabiein to a large military barracks and stores weapons and materiel.

According Mousliyn, the organization «Daash» took over most of the laboratories and factories scattered in the city pretexts and arguments different around to stores of weapons and gear or plants for the manufacture of containers and booby-trapping wheels, arguing that with the siege imposed on the city and stop these labs, the unemployment rampant almost entirely in faded economic activity, is no longer one sees movement in the markets, which are free of shoppers.

Stresses sources that «Aldoaash» closed (about 402 ) plant and a factory distributed among the general Nineveh province and its Mosul orders by the leadership of obscurantist organization.

Sources indicate that some of these plants and factories owned by industrialists and traders of minorities and other components were confiscated on the grounds that they go back to »Kfar» and became among the «state property», arguing that predominantly turned to stores of weapons and ammunition and plants for the manufacture of explosive devices after stealing all its contents.

says Mr. David Said, who owns six plants for Tippy, milk and sweets distributed in the industrial area, North side of Mosul, said that «the actions of the elements of the crime exhausted the people of Mosul and caused significant them material losses After the confiscation of factories and laboratories that were moving the local economy and produce food items distributed among the shops Mosul and covers the need for their markets as well as they once provided Muhanna a large number of people of the province ».

And escalate a state of anxiety and discontent largely by the people of Mosul as a result of the collapse of the economic side after being captured Daash wild herds and drop administrative fully from Baghdad. He complained a large number of people of the city of worsening living conditions and lack of services almost completely what led them to follow the primitive methods for the conduct of their lives haphazard, while waiting for the liberation of those gangs before growing humanitarian tragedy.

It is believed by many observers need to move quickly in order to liberate the city and save the trapped population, especially that of our armed forces, which increased the moral status of its members has regained the lead in the case against the horror and refraction suffered by «Aldoaash» after receiving a fatal blows and great losses on the battlefield.