Najafi reveals the secrets of "serious" about the fall of Mosul .. senior Iranian commander threatened the fall of Mosul If you do not co-operate with al-Maliki

Date: 01/12/2016

Palm-detection president of a coalition united Osama Najafi, the military commander Iranian large, unnamed, threatened him before the fall of Mosul, four months in the event of failure to cooperate with the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, pointing out that the Iraqi forces were found in Mosul, but withdrew, as if it was "Let Mosul to its fate, Flanaaqub these people."

Nujaifi said in an interview with the channel "Sky News", "I was on an official visit to Iran when I returned from the United States in 2014 visited me one of the Iranian mission leaders, and told me if you do not reach an understanding with al-Maliki will fall the city of Mosul," noting that he responded by saying that "this strange speech and was amazed by the news, he said, this is located, if possible understandings with al-Maliki to escape Mosul, and if you do not reach an understanding fall of Mosul, and before the fall of the city to four months, this was a threat. "

He said Najafi, who served as Vice President earlier, the Speaker of Parliament in its previous session, "after the meeting directly, it was me who said after the Iranian official exit, this is a direct threat to you, the language was clear," adding that "Iraqi forces in Mosul, did not fight, but it pulled out, not only corrupt army which was Mnkhurh corruption. "

He said Najafi, that "anti-terrorism forces were very strong and Atqatl in Ramadi and other areas, and they are present in Mosul, also before the fall and withdrew and did not enter the battle," noting that "it was like Leave Mosul to its fate, Flanaaqub these people."

The House of Representatives voted on Monday (17 August 2015), to refer the fall of Mosul file to the judiciary without reading it, and report Maliki put on "the head of the accused," the fall of the city in the (June 10, 2014), at the hands of "Daash" and the collapse of the security and military units which quickly raised many questions and controversy.