Parliamentary Economic: We will participate to «Commission presidencies» and composition came late


BAGHDAD / new evidence
Announced the parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba by Najib on the participation of its economic committee formed by the three presidencies, while explained that formed came too late afterwards. She said Najib that «the parliamentary Economic Committee in addition to the Finance Committee will participate through representatives of the Economic Commission set up by the three presidencies», indicating that «the goal of the Commission will be to unite efforts and plans between the joints of the State to face the current financial crisis» .waodan member of the Economic Committee that »the formation of the committee was supposed to be in conjunction with the introduction of the reforms, but it came too late a time limit«, noting that it »hopes the exit of the Committee by appropriate treatment the economic crisis experienced by Iraq ».ccant three presidencies agreed during its last meeting, on the formation of a committee of economic experts and specialists local and international work to expand the resources of the state to cope with the continuing decline in crude prices.