Hamoudi: resort to the outside market and not rely on the local product is a betrayal of the homeland

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Said Vice President of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, Tuesday, not to contract with local companies and resort to external market as a "betrayal of the homeland" in light of the difficult financial circumstances, as called for all government institutions to rely on the domestic industry and not to imports from abroad.

Said Hamoudi in a statement issued today, on the sidelines of his visit to the General Company for the manufacture of cars in Alexandria and opened a saloon manufacturing plants and received Alsumaria News copy of it, "the citizen and state institutions and the media a major role in the national industry support," calling on ministries and government institutions to "necessity reliance on the domestic industry and not to import from abroad, especially materials that have seen at home. "

He said Hamoudi, that "no contracting with local businesses and resort to external market betrayal especially for the homeland with the difficult financial circumstances," expressing his deep regret for "the existence of different cars stacked inside a laboratory in spite of the level of their high quality of the trucks, industrial cranes and the withdrawal of aid and Trellat and other, non- use of state ministries instead of resorting to external import under the pretext of quality and standards differences. "

Hamoudi stressed "the need to strengthen the employer and the worker and assess the value of and encourage those labor and pride in their performance and efficiency."

Most laboratories Iraqi factories and stopped from private industry after 2003 for several reasons, including those related to the security aspect and including those related to its inability to compete with imported goods Alrgesyh the price, in addition to the almost lack of infrastructure built that you need these plants to run and private electric power.