Work: lend me more than 10 thousand project within poverty reduction strategy

Tuesday January 12, 2016

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, to lend more than 10 thousand within the project of poverty alleviation strategy, indicating that the amount allocated amounted to 429 billion dinars.

He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "the ministry lent 10 thousand and 28 people from the poorer sections of society within the PRS, in Baghdad and the provinces except for the Kurdistan region to create a small income-generating projects and for the period from 2012 until the end 2015 ".

He said Menem, that "groups that included the widows and divorced women heads of households, and persons with disabilities from the poor, and families unstable in places landfill, and those released from prison who learned the profession in prison, and the beggars of the people of the province without the other, and researchers working poor especially breadwinners for their families, and displaced people returning to their home areas in Baghdad and the provinces. "

Menem said that "the ad hoc National Strategy amount to alleviate poverty for the last three years amounted to 429 billion dinars, of which 22 billion dinars only from the 2015 budget, to finance small-scale projects in poorer provinces, namely, (Diwaniyah, and Karbala, and Babil, Muthanna, and Salah al-Din, and Diyala, Wasit, Dhi Qar) and for groups that suffer from poverty as a result of unemployment and deprivation, "noting that" the upper limit of the amount of the loan does not exceed ten million Iraqi dinars ".

Menem and pointed out that "the ministry is seeking through the implementation of the strategy to integrate marginalized groups in economic and social life and transformed from consumer items to the actors productive, and enable them to establish individual projects small income-generating, through the provision of small loans which are paid in the form of annual installments over eight years with a grant to allow a period of one year, and without interest. "

The Ministry of Planning and forecast, in August 2015, the high poverty rate in Iraq to 30% because of the security situation taking place in some Iraqi provinces.