The Ministry of Finance in the province of Kurdistan reduce taxes on oil tankers


Roudao - Erbil

It halted the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government work instructions 2015, and decided to reduce taxes on the transport of oil tankers, and this will decrease the annual revenues of the Kurdistan Region, more than 124 billion dinars.

A source in the ministry who preferred not to be named, network Roudao media, "The Instructions No. (5) of the Ministry of Finance issued in September 2015 signed by the minister, raised the customs taxes on tankers transporting oil from five thousand dinars to 15 thousand, but discontinued time, the ministry is currently working with the instructions and decided to No. (4) identified taxes five thousand dinars per ton of fuel.

And this will decrease revenues annual province of Kurdistan, B124 billion and 556 million dinars, the equivalent of $ 103 million, as the difference between the two cases is as follows: In the instructions number (5), any tanker loaded with 21 tons of fuel will be taking its toll of 315 thousand dinars, while drops tax to 105 thousand dinars according to the instructions number (4).

The head of the Finance Committee and Economic Affairs in the Kurdistan Parliament, Izzat Saber, to Roudao "The decision is bad and reduces revenue the province of Kurdistan, real reform is that the government is seeking to impose greater taxes, because the Kurdistan Region oil sold by the thousands, and companies earn a lot of it."

According to statistics of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, the 1625 oil tankers conducting exchange with fuel outside the province of Kurdistan a day, to reach an annual 593 thousand and 125 tanks, without the internal exchange not covered by the customs tax.

If Kurdistan Regional Government imposed a tax of 15 thousand dinars on a tank of fuel, the revenue will amount to 24 million and 375 thousand dinars a day, and 186 billion and 834 million and 375 thousand dinars per year, and vice versa, if imposed five thousand dinars on the tank transport of hydrocarbons, the revenue will amount to 8,000,125 thousand dinars Daily.