President of the "OPEC" calls for the organization to hold an extraordinary meeting

01/12/2016 12:30

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: According to the agency, "Agence France Presse" that the head of the organization "OPEC" Nigerian Oil Minister Emmanuel EPE Katcheko called on the organization to convene an extraordinary meeting of the beginning of the month of March to discuss oil prices in global markets.

Said Katcheko told reporters during a conference on energy in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, January 12 The purpose of the extraordinary meeting would be a political Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC" review to see if there was any need to change the strategy, as the current prices of crude dictates the need to hold such this meeting.

Katcheko He added that two of the members of the Organization "OPEC" countries requested the meeting without revealing the name of these two countries.

However, the head of the "OPEC" stressed the need to put this subject on the Member States of the Organization, notably Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, which it has previously refused to cut its oil production to try to raise prices.

Kachiko He added: "I did not talk much after with the minister," pointing out that the views of members in different countries around the organization to intervene in global markets.

He said Nigeria's oil minister: "a group of" OPEC "countries feel the need to intervene in the view of another group that even though our intervention, we do not shape only 30% to 35% of the oil producers in the world."

Kachiko He pointed out that nearly 65% ​​of non-OPEC oil market, "explaining that if not to take the non-affiliated to the" OPEC "procedures to modify production, the impact of" OPEC "countries on the market will be limited.

Previously, the Member States of the "OPEC" that refused to cut production despite the significant decline in oil prices since mid-2014, for fear that this would lead to the loss of part of its stake in the world oil market.

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Meanwhile, the combination "Brent" Global fell during trading on Tuesday below $ 31 a barrel, and for the first time since 2004. It was trading mixture "Brent" global delivery in February by at 10:25 Moscow time, at $ 30.77 a barrel, down by 2.47% to $ 78 cents from the previous settlement price.

The decline in US crude delivery the same month increased by 2.32% to $ 73 cents to $ 30.68 a barrel.