Parl. Finance: duties, taxes & customs, & the state leases represent 20% of budget
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Thread: Parl. Finance: duties, taxes & customs, & the state leases represent 20% of budget

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    Parl. Finance: duties, taxes & customs, & the state leases represent 20% of budget

    Parliamentary Finance: duties, taxes and customs, and the state leases represent 20% of the budget

    01/12/2016 14:29 pm (Baghdad time)

    Special - scales News
    Said the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Hossam punitive, Tuesday, on the need to activate the collection of fees and taxes in the joints of the country and the collection of rents in the state fair, noting that the collection of this money will solve 20% of the budget.

    He said the punitive L / scales News /, "The government should think of serious solutions down fiscal revenue because of falling oil prices in the global market," pointing out that "this crisis real with the escalation of increased production and export of oil, due to oversupply on the one hand and oil policies intended by some countries, including Saudi Arabia. "

    He stressed "the need to deal with this crisis as a real government and people of the crisis," pointing to "the need for attention to the collection and the collection of all non-oil revenues, through the activation of the customs tariff, and the emphasis on taxes, fees, and rents for the state, and all what is in the interest of the treasury of the Federal State , and this accounts for 20%, which is registered in the budget of 15%, but if these conditions obtained the 20% will replace us. "

    Oil is the main source of income for the budget in Iraq, as revenues constitute approximately 90% of the total financial budget.

    But the drop in oil prices led to a significant budget deficit in the country, prompting the government to increase production in order to reduce the deficit, external borrowing, which always warns him supreme religious authority and economic experts.

    While government officials calling for diversifying sources of income and activation of agricultural and industrial production sectors and Alzeraib, fees and customs, rather than relying on oil.

    He revealed to the economic and investment commission in parliament member Ahmad Kanani, L / scales News /, the existence of corruption in the collection of fees and taxes process, stressing the need to develop new ways to collect funds and private land ports. / Ended 29 n / 10
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