The draft law worldwide abolition of the capital Baghdad, to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives

Friday, 09 March / March 2012 15:58

[Baghdad - where]

The Rapporteur of the Committee of the Regions and the provinces in Parliament MP for the Iraqi List Ziad worldwide abolition of the capital Baghdad, a bill to the Speaker of the House and that is enshrined in the Constitution in Article 124 which defines the work of both local government and secretary of the municipal councils of Baghdad and added to the powers of each of them.

The worldwide abolition of the Agency for all of Iraq [where] that "you yesterday to lift a bill of the capital Baghdad to House Speaker Osama Najafi and who carried the signatures of [86] deputies, will head the House of Representatives referred to the relevant committees, and certainly to the Committee of the Regions to study and read the first reading and again."

He added that "the Constitution stipulated that the capital of Baghdad in its municipal borders of the Republic of Iraq and its municipal borders the province of Baghdad may not be organized capital to the provinces," asserting that "the Constitution stipulated that regulates the development of the capital Baghdad, the law."

He pointed to the worldwide abolition "Since 2005 to now is not regulated by a law and who is the Secretary of the capital, and selects the Secretary of the capital and what are those works." Ended