Association of Banks focus on the rehabilitation of human resources

1/12/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Said Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said in an interview for »Sabah«: that the Association has developed a plan represents a road map for its work throughout the whole year painted courses of action intended to develop and outlets funding and mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis and joints to see the direction of the line chart of the Association's work in order to reach set targets.

And included the annual plan prepared by the Association of attention and clear detailed training of human resources working in banks and prepared to rise to the level of advanced international banking products that is working Association to embrace the next stage.

He added that the plan of action and distributed activities required of Association the months a year there to be ready optimally to achieve the objectives of the plan aimed at the development of the banking sector, both public and private, pointing out that Iraq is in dire need of sophisticated banking services commensurate with the size of the Iraqi economy, which is the kiss of most of the specialized international companies that realize that the job in Iraq, large and attracts efforts Huge requirements provide banking services to sophisticated.

Resource Management Tariq pointed out that training programs include courses inside Iraq and another for the preparation of trainers out of Iraq in cooperation with banks, regional and international, pointing out that the training programs focused on several topics in the forefront of human resource management and documentary credits and management of branches as well as anti-money laundering and the financing of small and medium enterprises, as the program included a curriculum for training in financial analysis.

Reviewing and evaluating He noted that the plan included the organization of workshops in collaboration with other institutions focusing on the legal status of the banking sector and the review and evaluation of the financing of small and medium enterprises in March and September next Monthly project, He pointed out that the organization of the Conference for Information Technology and banking systems will be in April next year, as well as to prepare for the organization of the annual conference of the Association through October next month.

Spirit of competition and continued Tariq said that the Association proceeded to create a spirit of competition between workers in the banking sector where they will choose the ideal employee for each bank in the first half of this year, also organizes a meeting in the same period Atdarc the latest developments in the banking sector, as well as communication with the Industrial Bank for Documentary Credits for the loan (5) trillion dinars.

Socd that the Association intends to issue quarterly reports show the reality of the work of private banks and this is a catalyst between banks to compete in the development of services provided by the field, indicating that the coming months will see the opening of the relevant affairs in the banking library providing books and information involved in this vital sector to be appointed to the researchers in the Banking Studies and various financial.