Secrets and mysteries of the political mafias in Iraq


Monday January 11.2016

Emerged the phenomenon of so-called "mafias" policy in Iraq early 2005, usually have their leaders loyal to political parties or elements are "above the law", according to observers of the Iraqi affair.

According to Iraqi sources, it said that these gangs are active in different fields, which is in reality the case, "states a" strong within the Iraqi state, and has its own laws, it also has the ability to access to the prisons and the liberalization of its members arrested forcibly police stations, and often assaulted members of these gangs, even at the officers and employees of the Iraqi police, according to several media reports.

Kidnapping, smuggling
and researcher believes in Iraqi affairs Mohammed Abdullah al-Azzawi, that "a lot of those bands was formed in 2005 at the hands of outlaws, who were sheltering in marshes deployed in southern Iraq and swamps of the Iraqi authorities before the US invasion, and they were identifiers smuggle them next drug from Iran to some countries in the region, by displaying Samawah desert of southern Iraq, but they are after the invasion came to Baghdad as a former opponents of the regime of Saddam Hussein. "

Adds Al-Azzawi, in his speech to the network toss News," from successful of these to enter the political world, he now controls Detailed important of the joints of the state, and manages the operations of the corruption of major Ktherib oil or control the entry of imported goods such as sugar and others, and drown or dries markets as required by its own interests, but failed to enter the parliament or ministries Feder gangs of kidnapping and human trafficking, and robbing banks in broad daylight The gangs are active using car-like vehicles Security and assume the identities of known elements in Iraq red line. "

The sanctity of the weapon
For his part, retired Brigadier General in the Iraqi Interior Akram al-Naimi, it explains that "the problem lies in the Shiite authorities, which issued the fatwas of jihad against Daash, awarded unintentionally those armed forces capacity necessary legitimacy and sanctity to be above the law and outside the authority of the state, enough to be their movements modern cars, four-wheel drive without numbers and the sectarian slogans and Bmekdrohm access to any place imagine even Ministers offices and senior officials.

"He goes Naimi," Do not be surprised that I told you that organized crime gangs in Iraq, you know what not even the internal intelligence you know, but in many cases they It oversees the performance of the ministry devices and driven. "

Parliamentary kidnapped
and were intelligence reports of Iraqi, revealed that the security forces have arrested an activist gang in the field of child abduction of children of the wealthy and bargain for them to meet the huge sums of money.

According to US reports, the investigations with members of that gang, proved to be managed by a deputy in the Parliament Iraqi leader in the Shiite armed militia called "Hassan Salem".

and Salem, one of the active leaders in what is known as the "death squads" Shiite, and accused of assassinations of Sunni scholars and personalities Academy and former officers in the Iraqi army.

The Criminal Karbala Court, issued a few months before an arrest warrant on the provincial council member for the rule of law, and a cousin of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, called Hamid Jassim al-Maliki, after being accused of taking advantage of his position and the formation of a gang of trade for cheating with weights.

The burning of ministries and contracts State
says Muthana Habib, one of the Iraqi police officers, "hardly a month goes by we do not receive the reports of the burning of ministries and government departments in Baghdad, or the burning of huge commercial stores in the heart of Baghdad commercial Shorja area."

In his speech to the network toss news, Habib adds , "strange that the combustion processes in the ministries always affect projects and contracts departments, and is said to be to hide the data, information and manipulation that is in secret."

Mohammed al-Kubaisi, a trader in Shorja market says, "I left our stores by 100 year old, we can not work with a organized crime gangs, either pay them royalties and higher rates of our profits sometimes, or burn our stores and warehouses of these gangs.

"He continued;" I am a Sunni from Anbar and these Shiite militias they want me more than they are demanding its other traders, so I understood the message and shut down all trade my interests in Baghdad and transferred to Erbil ".

Panic in private banks
and two days before, eight of the government police were injured, some seriously in armed clashes with unknown assailants tried to break into my family bank northeast of Baghdad.

A government source, said that unidentified armed men tried to rob a one of the private banks in the Waziriya district, northeast of Baghdad, noting The armed clash broke out between insurgents and police forces.

"According to Iraqi reports that the Iraqi particularly private banks departments, panic live because of what was described as the most violent attack in an attempt to steal Ahli Bank.

And asked for some departments to increase protection elements, while studying more than Ahli Bank cancellation Some branches and only the main branch of the bank.

Denounce wide
and yesterday in Baghdad announced the arrest of four gangs of organized crime. A security source said, that national security was able to arrest the four bands of the largest kidnapping gangs in the capital, Baghdad, after accurate information and processes to investigate and prosecute led to know the identity of all the elements of the gang "Earlier, accused the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council member Saad logistical , "views political standing behind organized crime gangs in the capital, while likely that these gangs are in the full planned to overthrow the Iraqi state."

A statement from the Committee member and head of the parliamentary solution, "Mohammed al-Karbouli," The repetition of kidnapping, murder, theft and organized daily for citizens, especially in operations Baghdad, leads us to highlight the government's failed security plans to maintain the security and property of citizens. "

On Monday, the Iraqi judicial authorities announced the isolation of nine judges involved with corruption and bribes, while Baghdad considered conduct falls within the fight against corruption.