Kirkuk, looking for financial sources of funding to support vital sectors in light of the continuing decline in oil prices


Union met Dr. Necmettin cream governor of Kirkuk Monday, Ahmed Bakr dry and Undersecretary of State Director of the Asia and Australia, where the circle.
And he gave the governor of Kirkuk offer political, economic and security situation taking place in Iraq and Kirkuk in particular in the aftermath of the war on Daash terrorist supervisor for the Peshmerga forces and defense in defeating all attempts doomed to failure of these criminal gangs and its substantial role in maintaining security and stability in the province gangs.
He explained the governor of Kirkuk living conditions for the citizens of Kirkuk, where all the vital sectors affected in light of the economic situation taking place in Iraq and the continuing decline in oil prices and receive hundreds of thousands of displaced people who are waiting for the right conditions for their return to their areas liberated.
For his part, praised Bakr Ahmed Dry outstanding performance of the Department of Kirkuk and embodied through two phases of construction and development, service delivery and the circumstances of the war on Daash terrorist and stability gangs and security enjoyed by Alkaragokjon despite all the well-known challenges, and said: "Kirkuk is considered a role model not only in Iraq but in the international forums ", and expressed the support of his constituency to contribute to the province with the help of international forums.
Furthermore, Dr. Necmettin cream Monday held an expanded meeting of the heads of service departments and officials of the departments Office of the province. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Necmettin cream gave thanks and gratitude to the director of the Department of property Ismail pious Daoudi and director of the audit department Abdulrahman zero friend who they were transferred to the retirement they have attained the legal age. He praised turn in Kirkuk, service and development of the service and administrative work and law enforcement efforts and the success of the administration of Kirkuk and is looking for more service to Karagokyin.
And the granting of the governor of Kirkuk shield for Kavaetin, and wished them a happy life and continue to serve Battaihma Kirkuk. He said the governor of Kirkuk, saying: "The financial crisis weighed heavily on the progress of the implementation of projects in light of the lack of financial dues Kirkuk exchange," noting: "The contractors Kirkuk are devoted to their wallets, they have debt they deserve up to more than 150 billion dinars and a lot of them did not only receive a fraction very right of the business that they have implemented ". He noted that: "sexual building and passports is currently done but need financial liquidity in order to be furnished and provide generators Her work is very necessary and important to serve the people of Kirkuk and transmission department's new location process," adding: "The building of the Presidency of the resumption of Kirkuk Court reached the stages exceeded 64%." He noted: "The Kirkuk working to take advantage of local resources to provide financial liquidity to ensure payment of cleaning the city operations, markets and Mahalha and revive housing, and ensure the availability of liquidity for the maintenance of electricity and nutrients and transformer lines to ensure the sustainability of the electricity for our citizens."
He praised the efforts of the governor of Kirkuk and Asaish and face criminal phenomena which tried some weak people do police forces have managed to arrest those involved. Commenting on the theme of digging trenches on the battlefield, saying: "The trenches are part of a military action to counter terrorism Daash, it is the right troops digging trenches to secure itself and protect the city from the terrorists and prevent any progress or infiltration, and those trenches shed much blood to the Peshmerga forces to protect Kirkuk and its people Daash and avert the threat of terrorism. " He added: "We support and Nsad all the options and procedures carried out by the Peshmerga, as they ensure security and stability, and proven to be effective in protecting the people of Kirkuk are all", stressing: "The cities and other areas of contactless fronts fighting that spread by federal security forces are working to dig trenches to secure forces and cracking down on terrorist Daash gangs. " He assembled processing power to neighborhoods of Kirkuk mechanism, and renewed their call to the citizens of Kirkuk for further rationalization in order to ensure the continuation of the processing, in the context of low temperatures and lack of financial liquidity in order to technical teams of maintenance nutrients, transformers and lines tanker is damaged as a result of excess loads.
And the face of the governor of Kirkuk to work to ensure the speed of the application of the transfer of powers so as to enhance the service performance and contributes to the development of administrative and actually enjoy Alkaragokjon constitutional and legal right law.