Parliamentary Integrity: Salim al defends corruption

Dated: January 11, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Commission announced the parliamentary integrity it was investigating about attributed to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives report, which puts Kosu parliamentary committee in accordance with during the legislative past. He said commission member Adel Nouri in a press statement today: "The Committee in the first of its work after the holiday would investigate the fate of the legislative report on the percentage of completion of work of the committees and we will hold the Second Vice-President of the Council Aram Office Sheikh Mohammed, if the report is issued it or any other developed this standard. " He pointed out that "the Commission will refer to the very officials accountable, as they are not in a position of responsibility, and will be held accountable from assigned the task of developing this assessment to them." He said Nuri "The Integrity Commission is the only one that fought all dissonant voices that tried to dismantle the Parliament, and alerted the corruption existing issues, it's also, are pointed to failures in the Ministry of Defence files of corruption in some contracts." He continued "The committee is indicated the failures of the Ministry of Electricity and referred hundreds of their contracts to the Integrity Commission, in addition to the cases of corruption in the Municipality of Baghdad water and sewer ".ofatt Nouri own that" the Commission has opened rotten food files in the Ministry of Commerce and dozens of files on ministers and officials as they struggle with the corrupt and whales "is noteworthy that Local media noted that the report issued by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to put the work of parliamentary committees of the Integrity Commission Kosu parliamentary work.