Security exclude parliamentary approval of the National Guard Law

Dated: January 11, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq ruled in the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member, the possibility of approval of the draft of the controversial National Guard law between the blocks Alssayash.oukal Majid Algraoeva a press statement today: "The draft of the National Guard Law went inclusion of wind I do not think that under the current circumstances can be relied upon to reconsider its Most of the political blocs failed to agree on legislation to point to a lot of negatives in the law. "He added that" some believe that the enactment of this law will create a kind of discord and confusion and the establishment of the armies in the provinces on the grounds that when you edit these areas can not be relied on this configuration as far as counting on the security forces of the army and the federal police and local police in the maintenance of the security file and save the system "it is noteworthy that unlike going on between the political blocs on the legislation of the National Guard Law led the government to withdraw the bill last October of Parliament for the purpose of modify. The focus of these differences in the authority of these forces, where the National Alliance wants to be linked to the general commander of the armed forces and form of the people of all the provinces, while the Union of Forces and the Kurds wanted to be related to local governments of the provinces, and that is composed of people of the province itself.