Integrity Committee: 40 thousand official paid the salaries of the social welfare network

Roudao - Sulaimaniyah
It revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Commission for the registration of four million and 500 thousand Iraqis within social care, which also includes lists the names of a large number of network administrators.

And a network of social welfare under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and distributes monthly salaries for widows and divorcees, who lost Maahin, and those with special needs, and those who do not have any breadwinner, begins salary of 110 thousand dinars and more.

A spokesman for the Integrity Committee Adel Nouri, a network Roudao media, that the Commission supplied information and evidence of "illegal acts" within the network during the last six months of 2015, "has Mtaavatna showed that four million and 500 thousand people are paid salaries, but unfortunately it was including 40 thousand government employees and military leader and relatives of them. "

He Nuri was surprised at some of the names contained in the lists of the network, saying, "as well as officials, some Aloradh names of retired staff, and women who Anfsaln previously benefited from the network but married later and are still earning the network salaries, and some of them are dead and did not erase their names from the list, and some traders and Doctors and engineers. "

Nuri pointed out that Mtaavathm for the six months last in 2015 resulted in the re 126 billion dinars to the state treasury, Msttrda "So far we have senior officials and continue to follow the subject, because we start receiving information from ministries and then compare it with the names in the care network, and we will expel Duplicate names and restore the money that Tkadoha and Nslmanm to eliminate. "

Spokesman of the Integrity Committee felt that the four and a half million names contained in the lists of the names of the social welfare network too many "and we suspect 70% of those names."

In turn, he confirmed member of the Committee on Women, Family and Alotfloh parliamentary, Risan Sheikh Dler, statistical received for Roudao of the Integrity Committee, saying that "the work of the Integrity Committee minutes and that a very large number, no doubt there are people who ghost in the lists of the network, and call for the surrender of (offenders) to eliminate."

Although the number of widows or women who lost their husbands in Iraq is very large because of the war and violence, but a member of the Women's Committee confirmed that "We do not have precise statistics Baddhn, but it seems that more than a million."