The financial crisis to where? .. Conflicting information about the surprises the budget raises the fear among the Iraqi street!?


Writing and photography: Fares al-Shammari

With the public announcement of the law of the budget year 2016 and the legislation of the Parliament and the endorsement of the presidency and there has been from the reactions of specialists of economic and political affairs and protest Alalraca the street of what came in from semantics and figures pose a serious indication of the future of the economy for the next fiscal policy in the light of the continuing decline prices of crude oil and deficit declared in the vocabulary of the budget and calls for rationalization and reduction of government spending and the existing security challenges ..

Budget austerity motivational ..!
This is what came with permission economic adviser to Prime Minister Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh as budget austerity motivational .. He explained that the manifestations of economic recession and clear of the high unemployment rate, which amounted for 28%, denying the existence of inflation despite the rate amounting to 2%, the lowest in its history ..
Chancellor predicted that the growth rate ranging GDP between 1 - 1.5%, it returned better than in 2014, although it is less than the population growth rate of 2.8% since the difference of the dysfunctional to the growth of the economic sector and the breadth of the movement ..
On the other hand, after Dr. Saleh through a television program about what was published by the media about layoffs and stop their salaries and laid off. He said: This comes within the strategy's media war against the state, and that talk is not accurate and the government is careful not to prejudice the lives of citizens and staff salaries as much as you eat some of the popular and media circles.
And about the government's measures to cope with the financial crisis, he explained: There are several measures the government would take to cover the deficit in the public budget includes 13 steps, including activation of taxes and resort to the issuance of bank bonds and restructuring of institutions, departments and factories that do not work since 2003 and paid its employees salaries until now .. no intention to lay off staff or laid off, but there's assets and administrative controls to ensure their business.

Indicators were wreaking havoc
Among the citizens?
In a press statement Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari about the worsening financial crisis in the light of the new budget and the figures provided and trends confirm the occurrence cracked expected in the implementation of the financial and economic and political realities measures .. It is mentioned, that our dependence on oil resources, every thing would be paralyzed and 90% of our economy depends on oil, and that the payment of staff salaries indicators will be Khatrh middle of this year, private and we have seven million individual earning salaries of Iraq's total population of 36 million and distribute monthly salaries are estimated at 5 billion dollars.
And ask the Minister of Finance among other alternatives to cope with the financial crisis for the current year, including borrowing from international institutions, few benefits, and we did it and we got help from the International Monetary Fund and handed the World Bank (one billion and 200 million dollars) and we introduced a monitoring program on how we manage the financial and economic policy, and if we succeed we may get to help more of them, then we proposed sale of sovereign bonds, a bank because the situation in Iraq better than last year.
Another option Zebari adds: how to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange, although he choose the risk and could have repercussions, but we thought of not granting full salaries and keep some of our loans and give a document that we will give money when the offer we have, and also there is another option would be to sell Oil and receipt of the money in advance, and then raise the price of water, electricity and fuel service option but it is not easy, Fi government likely to be applied by the reactions of citizens, painful economic decisions, but said that any economic decision, if not painful, it is not the decision.

Reactions street
Follow us views of some citizens to the provisions budget in 2016 and put on them from the justifications and observations and ways to address the disadvantages of procedural and seriousness out of the financial crisis, and in the beginning has been active Tweets social networking sites in the expression and criticism and to propose appropriate measures to cope with the crisis and its repercussions on the lives of citizens and the requirements of security and economic challenges, solutions and service, Valtgredat mostly demanded officials and those in charge of economic management to move towards maximizing the financial revenues to the public treasury, including the freezing of the members of the House of Representatives' salaries for the current year post them as representatives of the people in the relief treasury expenses, as called for some of them to cancel or freeze formations of local councils and respects choice and districts and alleviate the burden on the state .. There were many Tweets calls for the direct implementation of Capricorn with the laws of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the Iraqi consumer and reconsider auction currency at the central bank and evaluating its procedures supervisory .. He also called on others to uncover the heads of corruption that austerity measures crashes and rationalization in government spending files. . And also revealed the hotbeds of corruption in salaries Phantom of the security formations and revealed that many supervisory sources, and many are the stories of the street in the transport, markets and cafes buses that so and so give up half or more of his salary for the official in exchange for the reordering of the business.

The role of the private sector economic breakthrough
The private economic sector in most countries of the world plays an active role in shaping the country's policy both economically and politically, but things remain in Iraq as part of the statements and appeals of economists and businessmen, in a meeting with the head of Iraqi businessmen Union Mr. Ragheb Blibl pointed to, inter alia, to the reality of economic sectors since 2003 and the magnitude of the challenges faced makes it clear, saying:
Successive governments after the fall many measures taken in is disproportionate with the outlook, including the persistence of inflation, the government apparatus ongoing salary increase and thus prices have increased alarmingly as a result of salary increase rapidly and did not reckoned that our country depends on oil revenues only, the problem is cumulative.
He adds: continuously demanded that economic activity is dependent on the activation of the private sector in all sectors, and will provide reliable jobs and goods and goods needed by the citizen and reduce imports and exit of hard currency.
Then reveal to us the president of the Union for steps to activate the role of the private sector in the economy, he said: Last month, the government has taken a convincing economic measures to form committees to tasks of promoting the role of the work of the private sector and included representatives from several sectors of the economy, but unfortunately were not serious in proportion to the situation and therefore call for the formation of cell ( Emergency) to find new resources for the country's self-reliance, especially the private sector .. Yes, actions good and issued them good directions but did not do wounding despair of the followers in the private sector .. Prior to the government and the central bank announced support economic projects through loans within the budget year 2015, what results the shadow of the financial crisis? This part of the budget problems has allocated 16 trillion Iraqi dinars for small industrial, agricultural and housing .. Small Projects allotted a trillion and a half and the share of the industrial sector up to one billion and 650 million dollars but our objection to the mechanism and the conditions that have been developed, taking into consideration the fate of the money that goes to parties corrupt .
When asked about do you think the impact of government statements about the future of the financial crisis for the current year .. Vojabna Blibl saying: We believe that the curriculum ministerial declared the government inherited the state's economy, especially in the Treasury paralyzed .. and so remained captive shelves reforms and apparently there are many internal and external forces worked on the survival of the financial crisis and social.
Then he adds: What concerns us the time being with the worsening crisis poses sayings and statements by the contradiction by advisers and officials with money and Alaguetsad..hzh we consider to be connected with a political country the forces of political motives, and was supposed to remain suffer crises and there is no effective measures to address the economic situation as well as the existence of pressures .. Vtsrih serious and Minister of Finance regarding the inability to pay salaries and other statements reassuring.

Demonstrations demanding support
The budget?
Baghdad square witnessed and five provinces demonstrations on Friday, calling for activating the reforms promised by the government for months, including the detection of corruption and manipulation of public money and ways to support and address the financial crisis of 2016, the heads of protesters called the reasons for the announcement of results of the files of corruption in many provinces, as called for parliamentarians from the Commission public services the government to expand the financial resources of the treasury and obtaining Almtrepetth amounts owed by mobile phone companies and the media and communications and the emphasis on domestic borrowing and increase oil production.
While one MP Majda al-Tamimi member of the parliamentary finance committee, according to its view that Iraq is taken from the austerity measures and the reduction of salaries and external borrowing financial crisis will not benefit unless they are reining in corruption and theft of public money to stop headers. She stressed that Iraq will not go bankrupt and needs to move to other resources, including the religious tourism untapped well and there is a lot of waste and we need to pack in money management.
Corruption indicators still exist in most government institutions and raise questions about the secret ignored by regulatory authorities .. it has the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider Rustam that revealed a few money from customs revenues go to the treasury .. as obsessed corruption on the larger ones ratios .. He added: Our information It indicates that about 75% of state revenues appropriated by corrupt and accounted for only 25% up to the Treasury. He added that the central bank and financial forward many proposals to solve the problem and that the control over the ports and follow-up mechanisms entry of goods and how to obtain the very important duties to strengthen our economy .. and corrects Rustam: Iraq is suffering delays in customs and border points administration did not benefit from the great potential offered by information in the establishment of regulators that effective there.
And a comparison to the size of obtained financial resources for a number of border crossing points entering the Treasury .. said Maj. Gen. Sami Sudanese director of border crossings permit media beginning of the year 2016 .. that the Directorate has achieved 2015 financial revenue amounted to 177 billion and 36 million Iraqi dinars from Safwan outlets and Shalamcheh and Zurbatiyah and graying and Mundhiriyah and airports Najaf and Basra .. Aichir permission to all other ports in excess of the (26) outlet where the fate of the funds operating ports and stalled .. It need for review and evaluation.!

It remains the continuation bet
But the crisis ..
Information and opinions Conclusion on breakthrough is still the financial crisis is a bet difficult for citizens and responsible .. in the absence of the will and the Government of mined Partnership internal Dgutat security political, economic and even self-interest blurry in the procedures required to get out of the fiscal deficit and stop services and projects .. Options available to treat and clean there rug and gains in favor of pulling on the economic future under the account given the decline in oil resources .. then only the case remains on the inter steps to maximize the financial resources slogans protect the interests of citizens and the fear of recession and low economic productivity and the protection of public funds.