Deputy: we fear that behind the citizen's criticism of the government extortionate demands to gain positions

Monday January 11 2016

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
It expressed an MP for the coalition of state law Emotions grace, Monday, surprise of the coalition to provide the citizen and the paper reforms of the government, while some expressed the fear that is behind criticism of the government coalition of citizen demands "extortionate to gain certain positions."

She said in a statement received grace Alsumaria News, a copy of the "coalition of the citizen is the key participant in the political decision-making, as is the case in the current Liberal", expressing surprise at "the coalition of the citizen to submit a paper to the government reforms."

She added blessing "of strange to see a coalition of citizen today is satisfied with the government's performance while it is the form team harmonious government in accordance with the principle of the strong partnership", asking "Is the government still based on a partnership of powerful or that the partnership has become merely the dictates and gain positions today."

She said "the current government unfortunately dictates of internal and external recognition of the masses and some officials of the government," adding that "after a year and a half to form a government, we fear that behind the criticism of the coalition of citizen addressed to the prime minister's demands extortionate for certain positions."

She asked the grace of "why the brothers did not criticize the coalition of citizen acquisitions Barzani on Kirkuk's oil and tight-lipped about the oil dealings suspicious and resurrection of oil smuggling, and Jamloh on the national interest account? Above all, bless the oil accord fateful between Baghdad and Erbil."

And matchmaker, the grace of a coalition of citizen said, "If you are thinking Bmassagm to such a degree on the expense of public interest, can you ask yourselves what you have achieved from the team harmonious government and the partnership of the powerful," pointing out that "the citizen has become strong, but in the sharing of the quota and weaken the government by clicking on it to acquire positions at the expense of public interest. "

The coalition of citizen member Fadi al-Shammari, announced on Sunday (January 10, 2016), to provide the coalition paper "radical reforms" to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, as called for implementation of the contents of the paper, it said that the religious authority raised the "yellow card" general government .