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Border crossing points linking electronically

1/11/2016 0:00

Baghdad Isra al-Samarrai Najaf - Hussein Kaabi,
in order to increase the financial resources of the state and facilitating the entry of travelers and exit of goods after the simplification of procedures, embarked on the Ministry of Communications to link border crossings electronically.

According to the director of telecommunications and postal company ministry Saleh Hassan Ali in a statement »Sabah», the company embarked on a project styled devices Instant photosynthesis to provide telecommunications and informatics movement between the contacts Shatt al-Arab complex and port Shalamcheh border in the province of Basra in order to provide telecommunications services, as carried out by the technical and engineering staff in contacts Basra Directorate.

He emphasized the seven beams of light within several tracks reform, namely: ( Andalus Hamdan Qurna, Zubair Shatt al-Arab Nasserite Shalamjah), as it has been linked units Instant kind of (E1) for the project with the draft international access gates. On the other hand, director of the company that said the Directorate has set up and operation of the two units flashlight batteries the E1 within the course of contacts Andalus Abe Fertile complex in favor of a unified national card, especially after the opening of the single card project in hand Siba in Basra.

He added that the company has coordinated with contacts and a Wasit circle to implement a project to extend optical cable with a capacity of 24 Rite of light in the district of Badra border to extend allocated by passing cable pipes Aldeorlaan the private transfer of telecommunications and information services and high capacity for Internet service insurance and communication between Wasit and other provinces province.

In Najaf, discussed the environmental impact of communications and microwave towers Directorate Electromagnetic in humans and the environment during a scientific symposium in which present Bassem al-Mayahi, a professor of the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa.

He Mayahi during his lecture: «hardly empty house of these waves the existence of radio, television, computer and mobile phone devices».

He said these waves move in a vacuum and the movement of energy from the source to the future, which vary depending on the frequency and energy to ray ionizing and non-ionizing.

He Mayahi that ionizing radiation dangerous because their frequencies are high, including the x-ray and gamma, either non-ionizing radiation which is used in devices that we use such as radio and mobile phones and wireless are non-hazardous, But her damaged if misused.

Refers Mayahi that the studies concluded that high exposure to electromagnetic radiation doses cumulative levels may cause brain disease and cancer, so the international standards for the use of devices that rely on these radiation to reduce the harm caused mode.

He pointed out that he did not proven scientifically cancer incidence brain because of exposure to electromagnetic waves, but these standards developed to steer clear of injuries because of it.

He revealed the existence of studies also link between electromagnetic waves, heart disease and blood vessels, diseases of children, but there are those who reduce the risk of these injuries to not provable scientifically and because the human body is able to cope with different temperatures up to three degrees.

For his part, the teaching disclosed in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa Ammar virgins for statistics in Germany indicate that seven thousand people develop cancer each year because of communications towers.

He said Iraq in in 2013 it had 12 000 communication tower, a proposal that is reducing the number of towers through the development of common Towers for more than a communication company and be out of the cities and residential areas to reduce the harm caused, in addition to the awareness of citizens and educate the roads safer for the use of mobile phones, as it is possible to export companies mobile phone bulletin Guidelines for the use of mobile phone safe manner and distributes this newsletter with lines they sell.

As virgins called for better national operator to reduce the use of mobile phones and exposure to electromagnetic waves.