General Company for design and implementation of projects achieved completion rates in the advanced industrial city of Nasiriyah


Iraq today / Baghdad General Company for the designs made and the implementation of projects - one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, advanced Mrahla in the implementation of the industrial city in Dhi Qar, after the completion of the first phase in full, and said the gesture Darwish of the media ministry further, stating: "continue the hard work of for the completion of the second phase,
Was among the company's general manager - Esam Kazem Jabara, that the first phase, included the establishment of Administration building bunk, an area of ​​920 m2 each floor, with the establishment of the main gate of the city building, with external queries building, an area of ​​119 m2, as well as the implementation of the fence 3 km with internal roads length , and networks of electricity, telephone, and networks of pipes (water, sewage and rainwater tank water, and civil works for the pumping station) ", and increased Darwish:" As is the implementation part of your fence precast pieces in a way, also includes the work of all electrical and plumbing, mechanical and finishes work, and the work of concrete and construction ", and the second phase, we read:" The second phase, including the construction unit of water filter card 1000 m 3 / h, as well as the establishment of roads and buildings service, including bank and a restaurant building, and building civil defense building workshop Transportation, with the establishment of the water, sewage and rainwater networks, as well as power supply and lighting and gaps networks, pumping station rainwater, the station and the unity of wastewater treatment plants ", and kept us Darwish in conclusion:" The Director General, that the percentage of completion of this phase is nearing completion, and work is under way in order to accomplish this vital and important project. "