Vice criticizes postponement of the Federal Parliament sessions extra days instead of submission


BAGHDAD - A fraternity
He criticized the National Alliance MP Sadiq ordeal postponement of parliamentary sessions for an additional day instead of submission.
He said the ordeal on Saturday: we expect to hold more than a special meeting of the Federal House of Representatives as a result of conditions experienced by the country and the region, describing the central government in general they get stuck in their steps. He pointed out that some political parties are not interested in a federal Iraq and the situation the year in which, as it concerned itself with funding, noting that there is a lack of ability in crisis management or administration of the country in general and the reactions of some shy parties do not fit in with the positions in the country. He said the heads of the blocks did not consult Parliament on the meetings and that their bags ready to travel, calling on the Iraqi people to take responsibility in the next election and choose their representatives properly.