Obeidi, looking in with the General Company for Railways Director ways to develop the company

BAGHDAD / justice - 1:18 - 01/10/2016

During his visit, the General Company for Railways met with the Minister of Transport. Baqir al-Zubaidi with the general manager of the company separately and discussed all issues concerning the development of the company despite the absence of financial allocations and the trend towards investment and preparation of studies, detailed design, the eastern and western fast axes then headed al-Zubaidi, a meeting of the Director General and directors of departments, which included discussion of the agenda for allocations in 2016 and consisting of 28 points
In the light provided by the General Company for Railways Iraqi calls to the Iranian specialized companies, the delegation of those companies have had to visit Iraq and meet with specialized cadres within the company for the railway Iraq to discuss the implementation of the railway line (Musayyib - Karbala - Najaf) a length of 106 km Investment manner (BOT), which is part of the main project (Musayyib - holy city of Karbala - Najaf - Samawa) has been received the delegation by the Director General Engineer (peace Jaber Salloum) and Mr. Associate Engineer (Ali Abdul-Hussein Valley) and in the presence of Director of Projects Department, Engineer Mohamed Ali Hashim, in addition to the terms of reference in the field of engineering projects and designs. This has been to provide a detailed explanation by the Iraqi side, the project path and technical specifications to him, is also equipped with the Iranian side with a CD containing all the documents and detailed design of the project, as has the process of visiting the site, by the Iranian delegation, accompanied by the Iraqi side, where it was Viewing track on site, "Musayyib from station to station as well as Karbala" for access to trails Najaf proposed line, within the project. It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi side had expressed its readiness to provide all facilities and to provide the implementing agencies of the project the railroad line and symptoms concrete, and secure rail specialist mechanisms, as well as the transfer of stone arbitration material. As it was agreed that the Iranian side to study the documents carefully and to provide an integrated investment offer, through a maximum period of three months from the receipt of all the answers and queries from the Iraqi side, about it was the Iraqi side undertook to provide the Iranian side with all the information and requirements, for the purpose of completing the study and the creation of the investment offer is noteworthy that the railway project (Musayyib - Karbala - Najaf) had got the attention of the Minister of Transport Engineer (Baqir al-Zubaidi) that several of the important and vital projects which have the prospect of a wide in the field of transport, which is an essential pillar of the Iraqi economy as well as the railway Bozrah line - Falmjh which is important in the field of international transport projects, which project Iraq Foreign connects a range of transport networks.