Council Wasit grant compulsory licenses for the development of regions staff contracts

January 10th, 2016

Covered by threatening demonstrations and sit-ins open
KUT - Zia Saleh:
An informed source in the Wasit Provincial Council, that the Council voted during its recent grant regional development contracts for staff compulsory leave for six months, stressing that the leave can be extended to non-local government's ability to secure their salaries, while those covered by threatened the decision to organize demonstrations and sit-ins open in case not undone.
The source said in the provincial council to the correspondent «New Morning» The Council voted by majority to grant regional development contracts for staff compulsory leave for six months, subject to extension, noting that the decision was made not to the local government's ability to provide salaries for those employees who are more than three thousand employees.
The source, who asked not to be named, said the local government everything it could have worked to find a fair mechanism to ensure the rights of these large slide through the provision of salaries but all attempts failed for lack of financial allocations for projects assigned to them, stressing that the best option was to give them compulsory leave, making it easier for them look for other jobs, especially in the private sector.
For his part, a regional development contract staff Ali Hamid said that the leave decision compulsory unfair to us and a lot of injustice because it means Tsrihna of Alozvih final and no hope in our return, but the owners of personal relationships and Allowastat they will come back and they get their rights, explaining that the decision will open the door for demonstrations and protests are not its end and we began to prepare from now for a large demonstration to demand our rights, namely salaries and rejected compulsory leave.
In turn, the employee gift Shaker said that the local government in front of her a lot of solutions and more equitable solutions to keep the important terms of reference and which are useful for projects such as engineers and surveyors, management, economics, accounting, law and others.
It added that «many regions decades personnel were appointed according to their terms of reference relations Although a far cry from work on projects as is the case with sports graduates of education and institutes of teachers, for example, there are people appointed to the primary task of the testimony of sites.
Referred to the regional development and contract staff who are estimated to number about four thousand employees in all disciplines they have demonstrated several times during the year 2015 in front of the provincial council to demand their salaries that have not Atzlmoha more than a year.
The regional development contracts recipe calling employees who were hired on an angel Office of the province as a temporary hold on the development of the regions funded by the Ministry of Finance projects.
Meanwhile, the face of the governor of Wasit owner behind the valley a letter to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, asking him to allocate billion dinars a month from the budget emergency bridge the development of regions contracts for staff salaries, noting that the projects in which they work stopped completely as directed by the Cabinet Secretariat and stop those projects The Vskha for decades to these employees and denying them salaries.
The governor said We have sent a letter to the Prime Minister to demand the amount billion dinars monthly pay of emergency grant or any other tab for the disbursement of development of regions contracts for staff salaries, noting that the Council of Ministers Secretariat had already issued her uncles number 347 for the year 2015 and which provided for the granting of a period of pause perfect for all projects because of the financial deficit of the state at the present time and therefore lack even the allocations for the disbursement of the salaries of these employees.
He added the valley, to stop these projects means the dissolution of staff contracts for the development of regions within decades, who number in Wasit province, three thousand employees and cut their livelihoods, noting that the termination of contracts for such a large number of employees would adversely affect the street Wasit.