Final statement of the visit of His Excellency former national security adviser to the American capital Washington

09.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Final statement of the visit of His Excellency former national security adviser to the American capital Washington arrived in Washington, DC on Wednesday, a brief summary of the ninth and twenty Chehrchaabat HE former National Security Advisor Dr. Al-Rubaie from London, has delivered a Maale speech at the Conference on Security and Defence, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel in the capital America, including the needs of Iraq's security, defense, logistics, where she attended and Iraqi delegations led by Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Gen. Abu Bakr Zebari and delegations U.S. governmental organization representing the Pentagon and the security companies and other government institutions related to the matters of security and defense. have answered His Excellency calls for the U.S. government to visit the White House, Congress and the State and the headquarters of the U.S. government in Washington and in recognition of distinguished efforts made ​​by His Excellency in the field of security, military and logistical support, has decided the U.S. government granted Visa open for ten years to enter the United States of America and circulated this decision VIP at all U.S. airports as was answered graciously invited the Iraqi embassy in Washington, chaired by HE Ambassador Iraq Dr. Jaber Habib, to set up a ceremony at the Iraqi Cultural Centre in Washington to meet with the children of the Iraqi community living in Washington and listen to their views on the situation in Iraq and the Iraqi government esteemed. included a visit give community members some of the valuable time Btfkdh them and listen to their views. the most important contents of put through to Dr. Qath with the Iraqi community in Washington, DC, that the Iraqi experience should be supported by the Iraqi homeland wherever they came back for his children legitimate. And that the time of the dictatorship is gone and the Iraqi experience this unique in the region stands on firm foundations and that future generations will see the fruits of this unique experience in the country of the Constitution, freedom and democracy. And called on everyone to cooperate in the success of the Iraqi experience, the legitimacy that came from the womb of ballot boxes . Excellency will leave the U.S. capital tomorrow after a trip to Baghdad as long as nine days. Information Office of Dr. Al-Rubaie in Washington 8.3.12

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