Government Economic Committee starts its work during practice next week

01/10/2016 14:17 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - scales News
National Alliance MP Ali Safi, on Sunday, ready allocated to study the economic situation of Iraq out of the current financial crisis and the start of the Economic Commission revealed its work over the next week.

Safi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the recent meeting of the three presidencies, led to the formation of an economic committee in order to provide effective solutions to the government for the advancement of the Iraqi economy."

He added that "this committee will begin studying the economic situation of Iraq in order to develop appropriate solutions to get out of the current financial crisis and the face of declining oil prices in the global market."

"The new committee will be economic, and in the introduction to the study of its goals the government's objections to the amendments that reward the House of Representatives in the draft federal budget for 2016 approved by Parliament late last year the law."

He said "there will be a parliamentary government to activate the coordination meetings of the Economic Commission after the resumption of the House of Representatives in the next week and review the results of its work in the coming sessions."

He pointed out that "the Commission will present a thorough study of the reality of the economic and financial crisis experienced by Iraq with the potential to get out of this distress solutions." Ended 29/4 e