German reconnaissance aircraft begins its mission in Iraq and Syria

- Iraq Press - January 9
: German reconnaissance planes launched from Tornado her first participation in the task of combating Daash in Iraq and Syria.

A German military spokesman said that two Tornado landed at Incirlik air base of NATO NATO in Turkey, after taking part in a survey targets set by the international coalition against Daash that task. He is scheduled to use the aircraft on a reconnaissance purposes without taking part in the bombing of Daash sites.

It is planned to conduct sorties per day of Angrelik two aircraft "Tornado" in the first phase of the Almanmh.ooodh spokesman that the pace of those sorties may increase after the arrival of all the "Tornado" the six aircraft that have pledged Germany to participate in the mission to Angrelik middle of the month to be used Gara.omn those aircraft on a reconnaissance purposes, without taking part in the bombing of Daash sites.

According to the German Army data, the task of those aircraft will be over Syria and Alarac.ottoly other aircraft of the United States, Britain, France and Arab states bombing mission Daash sites. It is also a Russian aircraft raids independently of the international coalition.