Government constituted a committee to review the paragraphs that were added to the budget law by Parliament Saturday

The Cabinet formed a committee headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, will review the paragraphs that have been added to the budget law by members of the House of Representatives without the permission of the Federal Government.
The director of the Office of the Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords, in a statement to Radio tow, said the committee will submit its recommendations and observations on what has been affixed to the budget law to the Minister of Finance which in turn hold, the Prime Minister and then make an appropriate decision by the latter on an appeal before the Federal Court of or not.
Keywords and added, that cabinet members have expressed their comments on some paragraphs were added to the budget and among some that these additions may adversely affect the performance of their ministries.
The House of Representatives had voted during its meeting in (December 16, 2015) on the draft public finance budget law for 2016, after the addition of proposals of members of the House and its committees which, as the budget has given attention to the sector the popular crowd and the security situation and displaced the current economic crisis because of the low prices oil, with an emphasis on the need to review the oil licensing rounds for decades.