Ghabban in dialogue: 1015 memorandum "catch" the Interpol wanted to eliminate the right of wanted men and detained.

​BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban confirmed that Iraq had excellent cooperation with neighboring countries including Saudi Arabia in the field of security in order to adjust the border between the two countries and issues of wanted men and detained. He said Ghabban told the 'Middle East', on Saturday, in an interview I followed 'Obelisk', 'I can say that the level of cooperation between us and the neighboring countries is good and sustained no political crises it reflected where we have cooperation and communication and the exchange of information and visits with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran and Kuwait, where have With all of these countries memorandums of understanding with the exception of Syria, where there is no longer a security cooperation because of the lack of control on the border. " On the Arab states of detainees to which they belong and whether they care about criminal or terrorist file, Ghabban said that 'the majority of Arab detainees we are suicide bombers, including who is accused of criminal cases have different provisions were sentenced ranging from death penalty and life imprisonment for different periods depending on the type of crime they belonging to the north of the Maghreb countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and some Gulf states'.
And on whether it was possible to exchange prisoners or deported, including the Saudis, to their home countries to serve their sentences, Ghabban said, 'We have a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia include the accused or convicted criminal issues where possible to spend their sentences in their own countries but does not include the governed issues of terrorism'.

On Iraq's international borders and whether the Iraqi government plans to secure them, Ghabban the 'collapse of the border between Iraq and Syria after the June 2014 said made it difficult to talk about a possibility or a real ability to control the border, where there were limits forces monitors but after entering the Daash no longer such a thing existed, although we are studying a project to secure the border in a timely manner through surveillance cameras and barbed wire, but has not been implemented in a timely manner '.

On the other hand, Ghabban The 'organization Daash had such a real threat to the capital of Baghdad, either through its expansion after the occupation of the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin during the month of June 2014 or its incubators in Baghdad Belt said, but we can say that this danger faded completely and no longer this the terrorist organization represents any threat to the capital '.

He stressed that the 'urgent need now is to secure the security situation in the capital, both in terms of restoring the prestige of the state and the elimination of armed manifestations outside the framework of the law or the prosecution of gangs and organized crime which have receded considerably from what it was two years ago, for example, and we have to prove it than numbers and statistics'.

Ghabban added that 'the ministry, like other institutions inherited a heavy legacy is determined in reforms to enable the technical and administrative keep up with the zeitgeist and transmit the new blood in all aspects of security and administrative apparatus light work'.

In response to a question about who holds the security file in the capital Baghdad in light of the large number of checkpoints and conflict of powers between the Ministries of Interior and Defense, Iraqi Interior Minister said that 'the security situation believer in the central and southern governorates where there are no terrorist threats has been formed Operations Command coordinates the work on This level and management of the security file, and in Baghdad discussed the security situation through a specialized committee has been formed Baghdad Operations Command, responsible for managing this file despite the fact that 80 per cent of the security effort borne by the Ministry of Interior note that the bombings taking place in Baghdad, come all from outside Baghdad, we have arrested scores of terrorists who confessed in detail about their operations in the capital, despite its decline over the past months. "

And on the decision which was taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about making Baghdad demilitarized, Ghabban that 'the disarmament process is not just a slogan but needs to requirements where there are armed groups scattered in the street said as I got over the past years the militarization of society and therefore the salvation of this legacy It takes time and cooperation by everyone because the spread of gunmen outside the law would weaken the prestige of the state '.

In response to a question on the arrest warrants for the Iraqi judiciary to the international police Interpol and whether they have been implemented, Ghabban said our relationship with Interpol Arab Saudi police who are cooperating with us in this area but there are a lot of countries did not cooperate political platforms and some are wary of including the European countries where you look at a lot of the warrants of arrest are not as a criminal but a political, noting that Iraq has implemented about 76 an arrest warrant for the benefit of other countries while we issued a 1015 arrest warrant has not been executed or the vast majority of them for various reasons, where political interests interfere in This is but we also may not carry some of the notes for the same reasons.