Balutaiq..antrza denies the existence of a class (10000-25000) dinars, "fakes" in the markets

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - January 8: denied the central bank, the presence of ten thousand dinars and twenty-five thousand dinars category rigged "fakes" in the Iraqi market. The bank said in a book released by the Directorate General of issuing and cabinets / release and the accounts, entitled to banks, saying "when issuing banknote category (10000) dinars 2015 edition (second edition), was part of a white surrounds the window transparent mode, while not include edition 2013 such a framework. "He said the book for the purpose of clarification on the questions received by the Central Bank and banks this added show: "This banknote real and issued by the Central Bank of Iraq," adding that "the emergence of this framework is due to update a print transparent window in the categories requirements (10000 - 25000) dinars, so as to make imitated harder and clearer Abane process. " The book said that "this is also a clear framework in banknote category (50000) dinars, which were put into circulation on 12.20.2015." The press sources have talked about the proliferation of fake 10,000 dinars category in the Iraqi market, which is the latest upheaval in the purchase-sale transactions, in respect of traders, who handle large sums. 9797%26lang%3Dar&edit-text=