Oil Ministry announced, it is targeting production of 4.5 million barrels per day in middle of this year

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told all of Iraq [where] "We are trying to ceiling production exceeded 4.5 million barrels in the middle of this year."
He pointed out that "the total production in 2015 was more than one billion and 96 million barrels Perhaps one of the most prominent events of last year in the field of oil Iraq is to achieve the highest export rate is unprecedented when we passed 3.3 million barrels and all of central and southern fields and this confirms that things are running well and the ministry achieve its goals.
"The Oil Ministry announced on the first of the month of January this month that Iraq's oil exports Crude last year 2015 amounted to more than a billion barrels unrealized revenues exceeded $ 49 billion at the rate of export daily average of 3.5 million barrels and an average price of $ 44 a barrel.
And the Cabinet's recent decision to change the name of the South Oil Company and the establishment of an oil company Dhi Qar between spokesman Oil Ministry that "the name of the Southern Oil Company change to the Basra oil company in which moral considerations and the recognition of the province, and the name of Basra, whose oil production greatest weight in Iraqi oil exports."
He added that, "the former South Oil Company was included Maysan fields, bodies and Dhi Qar it follows these bodies turned to national companies and became the Maysan Oil Company and oil Dhi Qar, which issued a decision to them.
"Jihad said that" the Basra oil company and not including bodies from outside the province, a private Basra, which represents the oil fields in the province, "noting that" As for the oil company Dhi Qar government and the Ministry of Oil It supports oil provinces that make up the biggest weight in the production of oil and Alsardat. "
"The Dhi Qar is one of the most promising provinces and includes oil fields Perhaps the most prominent of Garraf and the field of Nasiriyah," pointing out that "the production of conservative fields exceed 170 000 barrels a candidate that exceeds 200 000 barrels in the coming period, it also has large oil reserves.
"He stressed that" the establishment of this company is in the direction of the Ministry of Oil for the establishment of national companies in the provinces that see an increase in national production and this gives high flexibility and contributes to the development of the province when there is an expansion in project work and employment to the provinces.
"The record global sperm prices down is the lowest since the year ranging between 34 and 33 dollars a barrel.
The Council of Ministers approved, on Tuesday the establishment of Dhi Qar Oil Company and change the name of the Southern Oil Company in Basra Oil Company., said an executive in the company Oil Dhi Qar new that the company will oversee the four fields including a field Gharraf, Nasiriyah two products already. said Karim Yassin manager to run the fields that Dhi Qar Oil aims to increase production to about 200 thousand barrels per day this year from 170 thousand barrels per day currently, "noting that" Garraf field currently produces about 100 thousand barrels per day, while producing the field of Nasiriyah 70 thousand barrels per day, "he said, adding that" the Dhi Qar will seek to production of pouring field this year an initial production of 30 thousand barrels a day. " it did not provide oil official details on the date of the fourth field development who will oversee the company which Abu Aamod.