Trade official: Turkish businessmen have left Iraq

Official at the Iraqi Ministry of Trade, said the businessmen from Turkey have left Iraq because of the crisis between the two countries after the entry of Turkish troops to the outskirts of Mosul, demanding the Iraqi government to leave said.
He said Baghdad gallery director Mohammed Jassim al-Amiri told a news briefing during a meeting on Friday, the President of the Trade Development Organization of Iran Crown God Afkhami rad, that "Iraq has made ​​the provision of necessary goods from neighboring countries, including Iran, but what Turkey has done has led to a decline in people's desire and Iraqi traders in cooperation with Turkish companies and this business Turks has come out of Iraq.
"Al-Ameri added that" the Iraqi government and people see the Iranians that they are brothers to him, "noting that" shows Baghdad Company is a government department and want to provide their needs through Iran.
"For his part, President of Trade Development Organization of Iran Crown God Afkhami rad that "Iran and Iraq will raise their exchanges brand" and expressed "hope that the expansion of economic relations between the two countries for what witnessed political relations In this sense Iran is preparing to invest in Iraq."
He added, "The current period is active in a lot of Iranian companies in Iraq, however, issued the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade of Iran in the meeting with his Iraqi counterpart the latest decision to expand mutual cooperation and building on this resolution the organization has taken the Iranian significant strides in this area.
"said the Iranian official that" Iraq is a country rich and has oil resources the vast and fertile ground to receive investments in the private different areas while achieving victories in front of Daash gangs and terrorist today needs to reconstruction, more than any other time.
"He noted that the" Iranian economic exhibition will be held in Iraq as of 16 until February 19 in the capital, Baghdad ".