Iran postpones Iraq gas supply agreement for security reasons

International Mderllhaon exports to Iran's national gas company Azizullah Ramadani, that Iranian gas is unlikely to be pumped into Iraq on schedule this year occur. She said the newspaper "Iran Daily News", that "I have delayed delivery of gas by the Iranian scheme to Iraq again because of the prevailing insecurity in western areas where strongholds Daash there are wreaking havoc and most likely will be the Iranian gas delivery to Iraq during the first quarter of the year Starting from March 2017, and Iran is waiting for Iraq's security be equipped to receive the gas. "
And Nlguet newspaper Ramadan as saying that "Iran is fully prepared to export gas to this country has repeatedly been delayed Iranian gas export to Iraq because of the unsafe conditions in the war-ravaged country."
The paper, that "the two countries signed a basic agreement for the export of natural gas from Iran's South Pars gas field to Iraq again in 2013".
She continued, that "Based on the agreement, Iran will start exporting 25 million cubic meters per day of gas to the chest and Baghdad and power plants Mansuriya through the pipeline 0.270 km., The amount will rise to 35 million cubic meters per day during the hot seasons."
Iran has the second largest reserves of natural gas in the world, after Rossia.