Parliamentary Finance: Successful minister should provide alternatives to cope with crises

News Source: Ali Abd al-Salman

January 9, 2016 8:02

Finance Committee member confirmed Majida al-Tamimi there is a conflict between the Finance Minister's remarks between exile and certainty about the government's inability to steer employees' salaries until next April.

Altmtimi said the finance minister went on Astaizharh two years and he has to be aware of and knowledgeable about the course of economic matters of the country. Indicating that the successful minister must be willing to give alternatives in the event of a crisis.

Tamimi explained that putting the country heading towards economic crises and harbingers launched in mid-2014 with the drop in oil prices and the high cost of the war on Daash.

She added that the al-Tamimi involved in the management of fiscal policy in the country by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank that they have plans and alternatives to cope with the financial crisis, it is unacceptable to be announced by the inability to pay employees' salaries for the next two months.

It is said that the finance minister had said earlier that he is likely not to pay the salaries of employees in the month of April, in the event of continued decline in oil prices.

Zebari said in an interview last year, we have succeeded in the distribution of salaries, but this year I have available, according to the estimates we have we are exposed to the problematic in the month of April may not be able to distribute the employees' salaries for that month. "