Hakim warns a coalition of three presidencies: All options are open to us

By Mohammed Emad

09/01/2016 05:13

Brother - Baghdad
MP from the Bloc citizen Mohammed Allkash confirmed that the policy options open to us in the event of the three authorities ignore the upper reference to calls for reform.

Allkash said in a press release received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, that "all political options open to us in the event of the insistence of the three authorities to ignore the Supreme religious authority calls for reform".

The representative of the supreme religious authority in holy city of Karbala, Ahmed Safi, said yesterday during a Friday prayer sermon that "in the past year and over the past several months we have called in Friday sermons three authorities, and all those responsible to take serious steps in the process of real reform, and social justice, and the fight against corruption, and prosecute senior corrupt and corrupt, but the year has passed and nothing has clearly achieved on the ground, and this is deeply regrettable, but Anzid to this talk at the present time. "