The budget in the face of future challenges

1/9/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz

Austerity budget for 2016 put in front of the Iraqi economy controversial facts, and in front of the problematic should be an incentive, not an impediment and Tamodaa deficit in the region.

The more free budget of the paragraphs of the task of affecting Iraqi life such as appointments and some service-aspects, but it must be known to afflict people frustrated, particularly with respect to (salaries) and the much talked about, and fear it because of the possibility of landing another oil prices. It Maittalb look for other areas to control the deficit, and the social complexities, including means and call on the government to avoid such dangers, and the search for sources of financing for spending, and the development of programs that can enhance the face of the national investment budget.

An interview with Mr. adviser to Prime Minister about the existence of an economic recession in Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh puts a lot of questions, especially through unemployment appearances, which rose to 28% Kmaicol, with an inflation rate of 2%, but this is supposed contrast search for the face of it mechanisms, and toward Iraqi economy is put in front of the prospects for a more secure, but publicly we do not find in the process (directed the government to sell bonds two billion dollars to meet the 2016 budget deficit) not enough alone to face the repercussions of the deficit, not even to resort to loans from international banks, because that will carry the economic reality of a great burden, and submit to dangerous problems, some of which may affect Iraqi sovereignty, which is Mankhcah with the potential deterioration of oil prices.

The search for a real and realistic data mainly related to maximize Iraq's national wealth, and through effective measures, which relates to activate the tax system by, and reconsider inflation indiscriminate import, which amounted to Okiemh up to $ 53 billion, as well as the possibility activate many vital sectors (agricultural, industrial and tourism ) and according to the plans, programs and projects strategy based perceptions and mechanisms Nadzh in output, and the possibility of reducing the phenomenon of rent-seeking on the part of the economy, and wide open areas for active participation to the private sector in economic development, on the other hand.

Stay bet oil prices will be a big problem for the application of vocabulary of the budget, but the face of the incident deficit, and that dealing with the development of national capabilities to overcome this node should be an incentive actually to look for viable solutions, and away from Althoemat that may put any effort operational out of context, and toward that limit the manifestations of corruption and slack randomized, particularly in the area of ​​spending is studied and import of materials that have a peer-productive agricultural and in the Iraqi reality.