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Iraqi official: special forces targeted an Islamic state in Hawija

00:12:03 2016-01-09 | (Voice of Iraq Reuters) - Iraq's parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri said that private foreign forces launching attacks on strongholds of the organization of the Islamic state in northern Iraq before the planned attack to regain Mosul. Mosul is the largest under the control of the militant group cities. He said al-Jubouri told Reuters he had carried out during the past few weeks several attacks behind the Islamic state lines in the vicinity of Hawija, 210 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad. He denied the US and Iraqi militaries that US forces have carried out military operations on the ground in Hawija since October, when special forces rescued US 69 Iraqis in a raid in which a member of the American commandos killed. She said the event channel and Dubai-based media Iraqi had been implemented for at least six raids at least since late December, led by US special forces. The United States announced last month that it will deploy a new force roughly a hundred individual special forces to carry out raids on the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, without providing details. But Colonel Steve Warren of the US military spokesman for the International Alliance, which bombed an Islamic state flown denied this week, media reports and described it as "an Iranian misinformation" goal Nile of "successes" of the Iraqi army against the Islamic state in other areas. He told Reuters that the coalition forces in Iraq has not implemented any operation on the ground since October. Last week, the Iraqi defense minister denied that the United States has no role in such raids. Jubouri said the largest Sunni official in Iraq told Reuters that special operations in Hawija "when he repeated the second and third time ... These processes bear fruit which is aimed at terrorists and eliminate them and liberation innocent and therefore for us is a positive case to counter terrorism. "Jubouri said that the raids carried out from" time to time "and backed by Iraqi military forces but did not specify whether the United States has played a role and the number of raids carried out. He said that the raids" do not take character direct ground attack extended, but through operations targeting Okara to Daash (Islamic state) and in important and sensitive areas. "Jubouri said that these raids are not enough to get rid of the Islamic state, but" directed painful blows "and it comes in the framework of the goal Baghdad to restore Mosul, 400 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital. and last week, local sources near Hawija, she said, including a police officer and a local official said many of the raids targeted an Islamic state facilities include a courthouse and a police station as it resulted in the killing and capturing a number of the group's leaders. Reuters was not able to verify the authenticity of these reports from an independent source. * Road to Mosul Warren said a spokesman for the international coalition, told reporters on Tuesday that the raid, which took place in October with the participation of US special forces "is the only process that we talked about and we will talk about." and participated in the raid commando forces of the peshmerga of Kurdistan region of Iraq's semi-autonomous and provoked a wave of anger on the part of Shiites, backed by fighters from Iran and from the ruling coalition itself. He criticized the Shiite fighters -alven fought many of them US special forces after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 - reports of the recent raids and calling it American attempts to divide Iraq. Jubouri said that such sensitivities afraid described the raids as part of Baghdad's strategy to restore the connector. The government announced that Mosul is the next target of the Iraqi armed forces after he regained the western city of Ramadi last month in the first major victory for Iraqi forces trained by the United States, which had been provided initially in front of the Islamic State attack. However Baghdad did not explain or led coalition Washington road that intend to take to restore the capital of Nineveh province, while most of Anbar province under the control of the organization. Jubouri said he can not rush to progress towards Mosul . "I can not think of moving to another province if they are not of the province of Anbar cleansing in the sense that there is a coming battle related to Fallujah and the rest of them and the other to the west of Ramadi. "At the same time there ready being on Nineveh." it includes Fallujah, which was the first city to fall in the hands of the Islamic State in January January 2014 several hundred fighters and besieged by Iraqi troops. (preparation Suha Gado Arab Bulletin - Edit princess Fahmy)

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