Higher commodity prices in the Kurdistan Turkish markets as a result of military campaigns

2016-01-09 00:21:56 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Influenced tensions and complexities taking place in Turkey's southeast regions of Kurdish majority negative impact on trade between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey movement, while the period witnessed by Turkey to close the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing several times because of military operations, and this is what forced the region dealers to change their destination towards Iran to import goods and goods to the region.

Did not contribute to the reopening of the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing on Wednesday, after more than twenty days to close in the return of trade exchange between both sides of the border movement to normal, because the opening of the crossing does not last only seven hours a day is not enough to cover all commercial activities.

For this reason, the price of cartons of eggs rose in regional markets to 65 thousand dinars at a time when the price has not increased by this situation on 30 000 dinars, as was the cost of supplying one truck of frozen chicken does not exceed two thousand and $ 200 were brought from Iran to the region, but it It jumped to 7000 dollars per truck.

Traders and was formerly import of goods by road, but they were forced to either he will Ajelboha of Iran or by air freight In both cases, the mandated multiply.