New Year's celebrations stimulate the secretariat of Baghdad for the establishment of carnivals and investment development

Friday, January 8, 2016

I returned the Municipality of Baghdad, turnout witnessed in parks during the New Year celebrations, carnivals catalyst for the dismissal of one of the elements of national development.
A statement by the Secretariat that "the turnout of two million witnessed in gardens, parks and streets of the capital Baghdad during long celebration New Year's Day has become a catalyst for the establishment of festivals and events public on various occasions with a high degree of organization and coordination comparable to what takes place in the various countries of the world." He added that "these carnivals millions is an important element in the national development and revive the economy through increased commercial traffic for all sectors, including shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, gardens, parks and entertainment venues." The statement pointed out that "the municipal districts has raised seven thousand tons of waste and residues after New Year's Day holiday evening, indicating the size of the material yield achieved for these sites, which saw a mass turnout." "The success is the result of the efforts of outstanding made by the Baghdad Municipality in coordination with the City of Zora Games, which provided all the requirements, including the monument holiday Christmas tree and fireworks in the skies of the capital Baghdad, as well as the establishment of ceremonial carnivals which stretched over a whole week."