11/10/2011 12: 00 am

Baghdad/Iraq's future
Noted expert on Economic Affairs dargham Mohamed Ali, to the volume of currency on the domestic market (4) trillion dinars, controlled by the Central Bank and this prevents inflation for next year, noting that most State ministries does not need degrees and career she suffers a career which would adversely affect the slouch in the investment budget and what will reverse him on the Iraqi economy.
Mohamed Ali said in a press statement yesterday that the topic is inflation in coming months because the Central Bank of control over the currency on the domestic market and $ 4 trillion dinars and also control the exchange rate is a measure of price of goods received from abroad and the money supply in the market, "noted" that the Central Bank works to absorb Iraqi dinar through put further dollar, through the use of interest rate instruments that can control this issue, which will make Every Iraqi citizen money instead of spending and this works to withdraw cash from the market.