Parliament will begin next legislative term to vote on the amnesty laws and the prohibition of the Baath

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01/08/2016 11:41
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Confirmed the decision of the House of Representatives, Imad Youkhana, on Friday, the readiness of some important laws of vote after the legislative recess of the House of Representatives in the 19th of this month end, and pointed out that including the Federal Court Act, amnesty and the prohibition of the Baath Party, and in the detection of the presence of a number of requests interrogation, including requests to question the ministers of defense, transport, denied the existence of any request from the judiciary to lift the immunity of MPs.

Imad Youkhana said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Iraqi parliament will discuss in some important laws, including the Federal Court Act and the General Amnesty Law and the Law on the Prohibition of the Baath Party after the end of the legislative recess in the 19th of this month."

He Youkhana, that "these laws are important and are ready to vote, but he has intercepted some of the differences between the political blocs," noting that "the Parliament sent a letter to the government to return some of the laws withdrawn."

He revealed Youkhana, for "a number of interrogation requests, including the request to interrogate Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, as well as signatures to interrogate Transport Minister Bayan Jabr," stressing "the absence of any request from the judiciary to lift the immunity of MPs."
The House of Representatives has finished legislative term after the approval of the financial budget for 2016 and the start of the legislative recess 16 December of last year, the legislative term begins in 19 of this month.