Integrity: the escape of officials accused of corruption

01/07/2016 17:42

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: revealed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Huda carpets, Thursday, for the escape of officials and political figures issued arrest warrants against them on charges of financial corruption and administrative out of Iraq.

Sajjad said in a press statement, "The draft funds from corruption law will recover spoilers spoilers affects abroad, although it shocking to those who have dual nationalities," indicating that "spoilers in previous sessions of the successive governments have fled abroad significant funds".

She added that "the bill will put mechanisms to demand the return of stolen funds from all sides," pointing out that "the recovery of these funds is not easy and may be through the International Police (Interpol)."

And confirmed a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, "the need not to release any person accused of financial corruption before imposing the recovery of stolen money."