Abadi adviser: pay employees' salaries for months Year

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Abdel Hussein Al-Anbuge, Thursday, stressed that pay employees' salaries for months of the year 2016, noting that the salaries stop the "last possible thing that you can think of the government." He said Anbuge in an interview with the program "of 10 of 11," which aired "Alsumaria TV", that "according to the picture that we have in the Council of Ministers do not think the employees' salaries will stop during the month of April of the current year or any month of them, and reassure staff that he could not take so a cut of their salaries ", adding that" to stop the salaries of employees is the last thing possible to think of the government. " He said Anbuge, that "salaries will pay for months of the year and there is no stop in paid," he said, adding "there are many alternatives to save money in the event of continued low oil prices, such as cash release or reduce the value of the dinar and many other things." It is said that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari likely Monday (January 42 016) the inability to staff the distribution of salaries in the month of April, in the event of continued low oil prices, while noting that there are other options to avoid that. Iraq has been going through an economic crisis because of lower oil prices, and Anfaqath in the war against al "Daash", as he emphasized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the November 18, 2015, that Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis in a stronger, adding that he found now to strengthen the economy and the lack of dependence on oil.